Old Dangers

While the cool kids are rockin’ the ‘Con, I’m having my own fun here back East.  I played ‘don’t get run over by the septuagenarians who inexplicably still have licenses and drive cars slowly and irresponsibly’ while walking over to get lunch.  It was fun.  I almost won today.

Gooby: HDTGM

I listen to How Did This Get Made, the podcast by Paul Scheer, June Diane Raphael and Jason Mantzoukas.  If you haven’t heard it, it’s a fun podcast by a few funny actors somewhat lovingly evicerating and celebrating terrible movies, trying to suss out plots, logic, and why some films were ever made.  

This week, the movie is Gooby, a 2009 family movie from Canada, about a kid and his 6 foot tall bear / monster friend, and their hijinks.   decided to rent this movie from iTunes because it was $2.99, and I had a gift card balance.  I put it on my iPad and watched as I did some chores.  

Seriously, fuck this movie. All of it. That movie was horrible. Horrible.  I can’t wait to hear how they pull this movie apart.  I’m fairly certain there was no hero character in the movie, the kid has SEVERE mental health issues that the absentee parents have ignored, and I think the monster friend repeatedly made only slightly veiled sexual overtures to the kid. If the movie ended with all of the characters on fire, it would have been appropriate.   It’s… just terrible.  

But it was on my To Do list.  It’s to done.

It got better

When I ordered Pacific Rim off Amazon, I thought I’d just picked up the single-disc blu-ray copy.  The packaging just says ‘Blu-ray copy’.  I was a little sad, but it’s still good.  I cracked the shrink wrap tonight and found a digital copy certificate and a DVD copy as well!  YAY!

So I watched the blu-ray copy, finished the movie, and went to put it back… then realized there was ANOTHER blu-ray disc under where the first one went, filled with special features! YAAAAY!  Seriously, I’m usually more attentive than this, but the order from Amazon and the packaging seemed to all indicate the single disc.  But it got better. So much better.

This has been a small but delightful evening. 

Me time


I’ve been silent a bit. I’ll change that soon.

Today, Mrs. MMLTD went off for a weekend with her sisters. So I set about having some me time. Naturally, I created a 22 point to do list for the weekend.

I finished 17 of them, and only added 4 more.

Right now, it’s time to cancel the apocalypse. I’m going to settle in and watch Pacific Rim, which I haven’t seen since it was in the theaters.

Good luck everyone else.

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G’morning, y’all! We totally got this, right???


G’morning, y’all! We totally got this, right???

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This guy is on fire

My office building is split down the middle, with seemingly independent utilities and environmental support on each side.  On the other side of our Mason-Dixon line, it’s nice, cool, quiet.

I’m pretty sure the heat is on here over on my side.  It’s at least 10-15 degrees different between the hemispheres of this office.  And it’s loud over here, like there is construction going on on the floors above AND below.

And at home, there’s a nice, quiet, cool, office space sitting empty.

Good luck everyone else.

Terrible Victory

I have a handful of movies on blu-ray that include digital copies, but until recently, I haven’t had an i-device to make use of them.  Since I got an iPad a few weeks ago, I thought I’d try redeeming those digital copies.  Whelp, turns out those authorization codes expire, so even movies that included physical discs with the digital copy told me my codes were invalid. 

Last night I looked through the fine print of the authorization cards, found the various support webpages, and wrote pleasant help tickets asking if I could have my codes reactivated or get new codes, since I never redeemed the old ones. Why not?  Might waste time, or I might get something.

Paramount wrote me back already, sending me a new, valid activation code for one of my movies.  AWESOME!  Unfortunately it’s for my copy of Transformers: Dark of the Moon.  

So… yay?


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