3 years ago, my role in my department was due to be eliminated, so I spent 4 months of nights and weekends getting training and certifications (MOS and PMP) to build my skillset for a new role.  I’ve lead projects and managed teams since.

6 months ago, I was handed a huge project that was incredibly broad and far reaching in scope and impact.  I was expected to help get things set up, prep for someone to eventually lead.  I’ve spent long days, nights, and weekends working to get things running.  Now, I’m leading the project.  

Today, I was told 3 new jobs will be created at the beginning of next year.  My name has been mentioned as a top contender for all of them.  Depending on the timing of things, I may have my pick.  That’s absolutely ridiculous.

It’s nice when you can see things pay off a little bit.

Today isn’t too bad.

  1. thegingeredmess said: Hell yeah! Congrats!
  2. palmtreepalmtree said: That is awesome! I’m thrilled for you!
  3. receiver said: Score!
  4. myturtlespeedy said: Managed!
  5. sallydoodle said: I always loved Tony Gwynn’s “if you work hard good things will happen” quote, but it’s even better when you actually see it come true. Congrats!
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